10 Dominant steps to process a DSC with rapid reversal

10 Dominant steps to process a DSC with rapid reversal

10 Dominant steps to process a DSC with rapid reversal which is need to know. alldsc.com being of the top digital signature certificate company in Kolkata offers all the services related to the DSC signature, including the submission of the application, DSC renewal etc. the whole process is DSC signature online and the applicant can get his certificate processed online at the pace of their comfort. We furnish the best of services when compared to many other companies.

  • First and foremost, the requisite of the clients will be perceived upon his order for digital signature certificates.
  • Secondly, the client is requested to provide his PAN, Aadhaar, email and mobile number. He will also be asked for some other documents based on the requirement of the digital signature certificate classes and their categories.
  •  Using the decisive documents and credentials essential for placing the application for DSC certificates, issued by the client, the application will be sent to the client on the DSC authority portal.
  • Progression of multiple verifications will be ensured, like the mobile OTP verification, email OTP authentification, and video authentification needs to be updated accordingly to prove the genuineness of the applicant. Documents of the client will be uploaded on the portal depending upon the prerequisite.
  • furthermore, the formalities required for setting up the application are done from our end, full details of the applicant are uploaded to the digital signature certification authority, and a little time is obliged for the revert process and for looking up and accepting the application of the applicant.
  • If all the submitted documents and credentials are found to be genuine and legitimate, the seal of approval will be given by the authority, or else, if the issued documents are found to be hoaxes, for instance, let’s say the if any paper that is submitted is short, irrelevant or forged, even if the recorded video appears to be a fraud then the objections will be sent from the authority that the uploaded files are incorrect.
  • Later on, the applicant will be asked to resubmit the application without any errors and faults.
  • Lastly, after the resubmission of the documents is done, we request the DSC authority for approval again and wait till the permission is granted that all the documents furnished by the applicant are legitimate for the application to be issued.

Succeeding all the above steps, approval is granted. Simultaneously, the application will also be issued to the applicant via mail, for their convenience to download the DSC certificate as a token or device.

Our services oblige all the rules and regulations furnished by the digital signature certificate authority to avoid any allegations from our end. The application process is very quick depending on when collated with other companies, based upon your submission of the certificates. The convenience of our customers matters to us, therefore at the pace of furnishing the comfort zone for the applicants we follow all the legitimately without any confusion. Do check out our website for more services that are being offered.

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