Online DSC Service Provider: Why “All DSC” is the Best DSC Agency in Kolkata?

In this era of rapid digitalization physical signatures, alternatively known as wet signatures are getting replaced by Digital signatures, which is more advantageous and user-friendly. Therefore, it is very important for an individual or an organization to sign and encrypt their confidential files, with the help of Digital Signature Certificates. The certificates can be issued online by an authentic DSC service provider, of a certain place. The certifying authority can issue three categories of DSC certificates— Class-1 type of certificate, Class-2 type of certificate, and Class-3 type of DSC certificate. Let us understand in detail: what does a Digital certificate really mean, alongside stating its importance.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature certificate is a protective type of digital key, that is issued by responsible authorities who can legally authorize a DSC to a person or an organization. In turn, the DSC gets used by that person or that organization, to validate or certify his/their identity as per legal norms. This validation can only happen, if the person has an access to the right kind of DSC.

Who are we— team ALL DSC?

Team, All DSC is a venture by esteemed group Kre8iveminds. Although we are primarily known as the top-notch Online Digital Signature Certificate Provider, in Kolkata, we also are famous as a 360-degree solution provider to all your digital needs, from designing the perfect logo to assisting you with the best possible Digital Marketing technique. Our team is extremely professional, yet homely in their conduct. Our total transparency and honest work ethics have earned us a token of trust from our valued customers. We deliver all our services, at an extremely competitive price, and we ensure class-apart quality assurance in them.

What role does AllDSC play as the best Online DSC Service provider in Kolkata?

All DSC is the ultimate name in Kolkata, for providing the best kind of online digital signature certificate. Don’t go by what we claim! Check our website, and see what do our happy customers confess…

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Our team believes in extensive research, before suggesting anyone the right kind of online DSC certificate. DSC certificates are not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. We, at All DSC, take into account the minute details of our customers and provide him/her with the best kind of online DSC services, which directly caters to his/her exclusive needs.

We are DSC providers, online of class-3 and different types of DSC Certificates. Anyone, from Indian citizens, and Indian Organizations to foreigners, and foreign organizations can purchase our DSC certificates, by only matching our verification criteria.

Now, for better understanding, we also provide a detailed list of what type of DSC Certificates we sell, and whom does it benefit—

DSC Certificate TypesWho does buy it?Cost(INR) and validityPurposes
Class 3IndividualCost— Rs. 2799 (Plus Courier charges) Validity— 2 yrs.GST/ROC/INCOME TAX/IEC CODE
Class 3OrganizationCost— Rs. 2799 (Plus Courier charges) Validity— 2 yrs.Vat/ E-TENDER
DSC FOR DGFT/IMPORT EXPORT/IET Cost— Rs. 2799 (Plus Courier charges) Validity— 2 yrs.IMPORT/ EXPORT/MEIS LICENSE/DGFT

Our Verification process is our key weapon, which sets us a class higher than the market competitors. It is barely a 2-step verification process, that ensures maximum benefit granted to our customers.

Biometric verificationThe candidate has to be physically present in the office only in this step. He/She needs to access the bio-metric system.
OTP GenerationIn this step an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which is linked to your Aadhar card. This message you need to forward.
Final Form filling-Up and Uploading processIn the concluding step, you will fill a form, and submit to us, via online. We will check it minutely, and grant you’re your DSC.

The Importance of Online Digital Signature Certificates—

DSCs are used for signing, or encrypting, or for both signing and encrypting purposes. Online Digital Signature Certificates are used mainly for signing PDFs, Tax Return invoice signing causes, and for MCA, and other website purposes. When it comes to encrypting data, DSC are preferred for tender portals, where a company uploads confidential files. At, ALL DSC we even sell Encrypted certificates, exclusively.

We attach here a detailed list of what kind of services ALL DSC delivers, in the capacity of an online Digital Signature certificate provider agency in Kolkata.

Eligible Customer typeCustomer SpecificationThe guaranteed Benefits of the DSCs we sell, at ALL DSC
Individuals  Indians    For this type of DSC, Customers can skip their organization’s name to be included in thisCertificate
Organizations  CompaniesThe companies can include their company’s name in this type of DSC.
Foreign Individuals  ForeignersForeigners, after buying these certificates can replace  OUR name from the DSC, by their name.
Foreign Organisation  organizations, outside IndiaForeign Organizations can use our recommended DSE.
Document Signer certificateOrganizations, who have bulk number of files to sign, are ideal candidates for this. We sell these as Class2 DSC certificates, in the form of PFX files.Big organisation, can sign bulk number of confidential files with the help of these DSC.
IET CertificatesExclusively IET card holdersThis type of DSC can be used for sensitive DGFT portals.

Final Words from Team, ALL DSC— Your investment, our promise…

As a leading Digital Signature Service provider in Kolkata, Team ALL DSC is bound to perform its cut-edge services for the overall benefits of its valued clients. We are a cent percent pro-customer-oriented company. Well connected through email and WhatsApp, we are happy to guide you not only to select the best Online Digital Signature certificate, but also we guide you on how to install it, and continuously follow up with our customers for feedback. For any complain, visit any of our three stores, that are located at prominent places and are well connected through transport. Team DSC is extremely well-skilled to cater to any of your doubts regarding DSC and its usage. Therefore, go digital, choose DSC— let All DSC serve you with their best capacity, and allow the leading Digital Signature service Provider, of Kolkata to become your friend for a lifetime!


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