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Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature is a massive widespread acceptance by numerous government agencies and now is legally required in several applications. It helps in reducing cost and saves time as the signature holder does not have to be physically present to authorize a business.

ALLDSC provides different types of certificates to help individuals and organizations secure any legal transactions with legal validity as per the INDIAN IT ACT, 2000.

There are various types of DSC, given below are the information you would require to get your right certificate as per your need.


As per the guidelines of ROC, Class 3 Individual User Digital Signature is mandatory to validate DIR 3 KYC in India. DIR 3 KYC is done to check the originality and reliability of the organization and to remove fraud companies.


ICEGATE (Indian Customs EDI  gateway) is for the users of Indian Customs EDI system. It helps in making e-payments, tracking documents and their status and much more. For ICEGATE Class 3 DSC is required, as they are assured certificates that provide security to the user data.

  1. DGFT

In order to have a transaction related to DGFT( Directorate General Of Foreign Trade) , every EXIM( Exporters and Importers) organization needs to compulsorily have a DSC. A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is needed for any organization that are related with Import or an Export business.


A Trademark ensures that you have complete ownership. Trademark Act, 1999 register’s your Trademark under the named act. A Class 3 DSC is mandatory for anyone ( Individual, attorney, agent, organization proceeding for a new registration for a Trademark.

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  1. IREPS

IREPS is an official site of Indian Railways for procurement of Materials. To participate in the E-tendering process of the IREPS, the Vendor has to register with the Indian Railways E-Procurement System through a Digital Signature Certificate, For enrolment details, Download the Digital Certificate Form. Bidders/vendors must get a Class 3 DSC and register themselves on the IREPS Portal to participate in tenders.


 Individuals – This DSC is for Indians, who do not want their organization name to be part of the certificate. Click here

 SIGN –  Sign DSC is used for signing documents. One of the most popular usage of this is signing the PDF for Tax Returns, MCA and other websites. Signing through DSC provides your (signer) privacy but also the data. It shows unaltered and untampered data. 

CLASS 3 – As per IVG guideline, this is more safe and secured in comparison to class 2 certificate. It is usually applied where a huge amount of money or some confidential information is indulged. 


ORGANIZATION – This DSC is for companies ( any type of entity), who want their organization name to be a part of DSC. 

SIGN AND ENCRYPT – This DSC can be used for both signing and encrypting. This is relaxing for users who need authenticity and maintaining confidentiality of the data shared. You just need to fill government form and application.

CLASS 3 – As per IVG guideline, this is more safe and secured in comparison to class 2 certificate. It is usually applied where a huge amount of money or some confidential information is indulged. 


 FOREIGN INDIVIDUALS – This DSC is for foreigners who would like to use our certificates in their name. 

FOREIGN ORGANIZATION –  This is for organizations registered outside India who would  like to use our DC. 

  1. E- TENDER

Approved under the Information Technology Act, a Digital Signature Certificate is a must e-Procurement process. E-Procurement integrates, facilitates, and streamlines procurement processes. paper documents need to be scanned and verified before being processed. E-Procurement has gained immense acceptance as it brings greater transparency to the system. It helps buyers and bidders overcome geographical limitations too. Any organization needs to have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate registered in the name of a representative who has the authority to submit online offers for e-Tendering applications.

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